Briefcase: Princeton High captures top honors, scholarships in Business Challeng | Local News


Princeton Senior High School won first place overall in the 27th Concord Business Challenge, sponsored by the school’s Department of Business.

Independence High School took third place. Virtual anouncement of the awards was Thursday.

Aaron Brooks from Princeton High won a $4,000 Concord University scholarship. Winners of $1000 scholarships to Concord University were: Jordan Feaster, Monroe County Technical Center; Samvat Yadav, Princeton; Eli Bauer, Princeton; Blake Helphenstine, Princeton; Lancon McCarty, Princeton; Ices Prince, Princeton; Erica Hartwell, Princeton; Emma Workman, Princeton; and Annabelle Engan-Wiler, Princeton.

Individual winners listed by school were:

Fayette Institute of Technology: Mattie Stonestreet, first place, management principles; Holly Sorrent, third place, CBC logo and slogan.

Independence High School: Roy Howerton, first place, CBC logo and slogan; Ethan McClaugherty, first place, business mathematics; Colin Bailey, second place, business mathematics; Ethan McClaugherty, second place, CBC logo and slogan; Ethan McClaugherty, second place, management principles; Tim Riffe, second place, hospitality management; Sheyann Morgan, third place, management principles.

Monroe County Technical Center: William Hiner, first place, hospitality management; William Hiner, first place, business communications; Jordan Feamster, third place, business mathematics; Zach Mincey, third place, marketing principles.

Princeton Senior High School: Erica Hartwell, first place, accounting; Blake Helphenstine, first place, business finance; Samvat Yadav, first place, business plan; Samvat Yadav, first place, Microsoft Office concepts; Samvat Yadav, first place, marketing principles; Victoria Gentry, second place, Microsoft Office concepts; Andrea Graham, second place, marketing principles; Abigail Jenkins, second place, accounting; Kate Smith, second place, business plan; Annabelle Engan-Wiler, third place, business finance; Sydney Hollins, third place, business communications; Haylie McPherson, third place, Microsoft Office concepts; Mary Powell, third place, business plan; Mary Powell, third place, hospitality management; Teja Robinson, third place, accounting.

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Delta Air Lines Technical Operations has announced that it will designate the new Marshall University/Mountwest Community & Technical College Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program as a partner educational institution.

The collaboration will give students a technical education as they prepare for aviation industry jobs.

The program will join a group of approximately 45 other AMT schools across the country that have received the endorsement of Delta Tech Ops, the maintenance training division of the nation’s second largest air carrier.

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