Best for your TV and home theater in the UK


Just because you don’t have room for larger soundbars doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. In fact, most compact options tend to be as good as their bigger brothers. And of these, the new Sonos Beam is definitely the best on the market.
Despite its size, the Beam has five speakers for a razor-sharp three-channel sound. Note that the best rooms for the Beam are small or medium-sized rooms. Not to say it lacks performance, but the physical size prevents it from filling a large space like the PLAYBAR would.
Most of the audio is reproduced clearly on its own. He shines best in dialogue, so you can really enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch’s announcement. Bass is better than average too, but you may still want something to handle bass performance regardless of the beam.
Regardless of whether you want to set up the Beam in a smaller or larger room, it can be easily expanded with the available Sonos speakers. There is the Sonos SUB for greatly enhanced bass from anywhere in the room and the Sonos Ones or Play: 1s as rear soundbars. These can easily make up for the lack of filling noise, especially if the jet goes into a larger room.
Despite the size, Sonos offers a lot more for the beam in addition to the killer sound. One of the biggest additions is Amazon Alexa. Most other Sonos devices are only Alexa compatible and require an Echo device to pair. In essence, the Beam is also a bigger and louder echo device that can be connected to your TV.
Thanks to the Sonos app, all of the music is then available. Simply download it to your device and connect it to the Beam via WiFi. You will then have access to all the music streaming services you can think of. The only downside is that there is no bluetooth connection. So make sure that the WiFi can piggyback these devices.
Like most Sonos devices, it can also be easily integrated into an entire home audio network. You can connect it to the rest of the Sonos speakers throughout the house and divide it into zones. Once set up, you’ll enjoy all of these speakers playing great music or going from room to room and each having something different.
Sometimes bigger is not always better, and the beam proves it. Clear sound, all home capabilities and the integrated Alexa function provide everything you need to complete your home theater.

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