Background noise for artists, cooks, gardeners and writers


There are a handful of extraneous sounds that can nourish the soul – they allow you to immerse yourself in the tactile and beautiful and take a break from the challenges of the outside world. This week we’re focusing on four newly discussed sideline jobs for artists, chefs, gardeners, and writers. And while these aren’t the highest-income jobs, you can still quench most of your passions while you replenish your paperback.

Background noise for artists

It doesn’t matter if you are a painter, photographer or graphic artist: If you create an original image, you can sell it on FineArtAmerica.

FineArtAmerica, one of the oldest and most established print-on-demand websites, encourages artists to sign up and upload their works for sale from prints to puzzles.

The site does the work. It markets your art through the website and a smartphone app that shows your image on anything from a 3D canvas to t-shirts, mugs, shower curtains and phone cases. You can even point your phone at a wall to see what the framed artwork looks like in place.

When someone buys, the website collects payment, produces the product, imprints it with your image, and sends it to the consumer. All you do is collect the license fee. And the amount of the license fee is up to you.

Suppose you are a wildlife photographer. If you are ready to start selling this art, upload your photos. The website has a dozen of products that you can offer. You can only provide the picture as a print or offer it on tote bags, towels or yoga mats.

The website tells you what it costs to make, market, and ship the item. And it gives you the option to add whatever profit you want to make on the sale. The sum of these is the final cost to the consumer. If the site’s cost to create a puzzle is $ 35, you can add a $ 10 license fee to get the final cost of $ 45. Artists collect royalties on sales once a month.

FineArtAmerica is just one of several respected print-on-demand sites. Artists may also want to sign up for Society6 and RedBubble.

Background noise for cooks

The pandemic has devastated restaurants and everyone who works for them. However, a site called ChefsFeed provides a kind of lifeline for chefs.

The site was started as a gourmet app. His claim to fame consisted of providing restaurant recommendations from top chefs who were asked which restaurants they went to other than their own.

Now that many restaurants are closed during the pandemic, the place has become a place for cooking classes hosted by renowned and unknown chefs. Classes range from full meals to those that focus on sauces, bread, or desserts.

Chefs set their own prices and can offer courses that can be streamed live or recorded for later viewing. Cooks don’t pay anything to list or sell classes; However, on the website, a commission of 5% is added to the customer’s bill to pay for the connection.

Other websites to consider if you are a good cook looking to monetize your skills: DishDivvy, EatWith, and CozyMeal.

Background noise for gardeners

Backyard gardeners can get a vegetable patch paid for with a delightful new website called Galora. Much like an early version of the Nextdoor app, Galora connects neighbors who may have enough local apples to share or trade.

This website is where you can sell anything from products to jams and jellies that you make from them. According to founder Ryan Xavier, the website encourages members to share, sell, or trade anything that is local, homemade, or hand-made.

This is also where you can market your skills. In other words, if you bake bread, you can offer to sell it or exchange it for something like legal advice from a neighbor or a yoga class. If you have excess products, you can put them up for sale or trade them in for music lessons or tutoring. Of course, you can also offer your tutoring, legal, and staff training services for sale here.

Members choose what to offer and whether to offer it for sale, trade, or both. If cash changes hands, arrange the payments yourself. The website does not provide payment processing.

Galora is theoretically available worldwide. However, the young site is strongest in California, Texas, and Hawaii, where it has the most active members.

Background noise for writers

Writing can be good for the soul. And some websites promise it will pay off.

One of them,, produces content for websites. But it doesn’t pay off much: writers make about 10 cents a word, or $ 100 for a 1,000 word piece.

This can be a decent rate for a beginner or for a story that requires little research and editing. However, expects writers to tailor their tone and topic to a client’s needs. According to a spokesperson for the site, writers are expected to do as many rewrites as necessary to keep the customer happy.

Better websites to use your literary skills on are Contently, Skyword, Cracked, and Reedsy.

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