Apple’s colorful iMacs could make a comeback in 2021


Sure, a ton of new upgrades are expected for Apple’s upcoming 2021 iMac, including the company’s new M1 chip and a completely redesigned design. But here’s the news that really interests us: rumors of color options. Yeah, kind of like the classic iMacs from the late 90s and early 2000s.

According to well-known Apple leaker Jon Prosser, the new desktop computers may be available in the same colors as the 2020 iPad Air: rose gold, green and sky blue (in addition to the more “traditional” silver and space gray).

So not as eccentric as the blueberry, grape, lime, and tangerine colors as seen on the iMac G3, but I’ll take it. Who knows – maybe this is just a clue of what is to come for the brightly colored Apple products in the future.

Prosser mentions that these new iMacs currently only exist as prototypes. Chances are they won’t even make it into the production phase. He also didn’t see the entire back of the machine, but instead provided concept renders (with the help of the 3D animation artist Concept Creator) of what they might possibly look like.

Regarding the front of the new iMac, Bloomberg reported last month that the new models will be inspired by Apple’s very expensive Pro Display XDR design by adding the metal chin and shrinking the bezels. Of course, it’s expected to be powered by Apple’s silicon under the hood too.

That looks a lot better than the current iMac.

Image: Jon Prosser / front page Tech

In addition to the iMac, the video also shows a rendering of the Mac Pro “mini”. According to Prosser’s source, it will contain a “computing unit below and a heat sink above”. He also points out that it will be slightly similar to Apple’s old Power Mac G4 from 2000.

A concept rendering of the Mac Pro “mini”

Image: Jon Prosser / front page Tech

When we can expect any of these machines to be revealed is unknown. There have been rumors that Apple will announce the redesigned iMac during its global developer conference in June – which makes sense given the company has shown big products during WWDC over the past few years.

Regardless of when these two Macs hit the market, I hope Apple really delves into the nostalgia factor for its upcoming products. In the meantime, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed to freshen up the clamshell iBook G3.

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