Apple is offering free Apple Watch repairs to fix the power reserve loading issue


Apple offers free repairs to Apple Watch owners whose devices won’t charge after turning on power reserve mode.

In a post on Monday, Apple noted that some models of the Apple Watch Series 5 and SE with watchOS 7.2 or 7.3 stubbornly refused to charge the battery after being switched to power reserve mode. In power reserve mode, the Apple Watch is disassembled to the bone to save battery, disable almost all functions, and only display the time the side button is pressed.

Users affected by this issue can now contact Apple Support and send their watch to an Apple Repair Center for a free fix.

Of course, you should check that you actually have this particular problem and are eligible for repairs before shipping your watch. Apple recommends that you try charging your phone for at least half an hour to test it, and check the model of your Apple Watch and the latest watchOS version.

Not all 5 and SE Series models are affected, but there is still a possibility that those not affected will develop this problem later. Fortunately, there is a patch for that. Apple also released watchOS 7.3.1, which is designed to prevent this issue from plaguing other Series 5 and SE watches.

If you own any of these Apple Watch models, you may want to update it asap. It’s usually a good idea to keep your devices up-to-date anyway, both for bug fixes like these and to make sure you’re protected by the latest security measures.

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