Adam Enticknap Reflects on Pro Career After Announcing Retirement


You’re moving on, though. You’ve got some cool things lined up. Feld guys are stepping up and putting you to work.
Yeah. The reason why I was in San Diego is I was at the first round of Monster Jam, which Feld also owns. I got to do kind of like my first practice run. I’m the color analyst in the booth for this year’s Monster Jam season. So, I’m really excited for the transition. I kind of get to step into something that’s totally different, which is cool for me because I love getting better and better at stuff. It’s pretty similar in ways – obviously it’s quite a bit different because it’s four wheels compared to two wheels, but it’s still dirt. It’s still jumps. It’s still the crowd. I’m having a lot of fun doing it.

So, are you on the live PA or are you up in the booth? Where are you at?
So, I’ll be on the broadcast where it’s televised. So, kind of like what Ricky [Carmichael] does with Leigh Diffey. I’ll be kind of doing Ricky’s spot for Monster Jam.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but ‘Yay, he crushed all the cars! What are they doing? Pete, look how far he flew!’ What are we doing? I don’t get it.
It’s so much more in depth than you would think. One of the biggest things about Monster Jam that people don’t know is keeping your truck together is like part of it, and why Ryan Anderson and some of the other drivers are so much better at it is because they don’t just send their truck into oblivion. There is actually racing in Monster Jam. There’s three competitions per event. It’s two-wheel skills, racing, and freestyle. It’s actually pretty crazy how skilled some of these dudes are. I kind of thought the exact same thing when I first got into it. You jump a jump across the stadium, and you hold the truck wide open. What do you mean? But it takes a lot of skill. There’s a lot of little landmines and how you maneuver the truck. Those backflip ramps, you can see the guys that are really good at it, how high they can get with the truck, depending on when they hit the throttle, when they lift on the throttle. Like I said before, a lot of it is just mechanical.

There’s a twelve-round series. I think the biggest difference between mechanicals in supercross and in Monster Jam is these guys run it, so it breaks no matter what. It’s not like they replace the part early. If something is going out, they just run the thing until it breaks and then they better hope that that part you can fix in-between one competition to the next. So, it’s been pretty interesting. The deeper I get into it, it’s pretty awesome. Those trucks are badass. If you get a chance to go look at them, they are freaking unreal. There’s 1500 horsepower coming out of those methanol trucks.

Does [Dave] Prater [from Feld] reach out to you, or do you reach out to Dave? How does it come together? How did this gig come to happen? Props to the Feld guys for giving you a shot.
Yeah. That was all me actually contacting Dave at the end of the supercross season. I wasn’t final at the end of supercross if I was going to retire or not, but I reached out to Dave Prater and said, “Hey, I’m interested in getting into some announcing stuff and working with you guys. I’d love to come over and check it out.” It was kind of like, yeah, this is the spot we’ve got. One of the drivers, Colt Stephens, was in the booth last year and decided he wanted to drive a truck and so he moved down. Everything kind of fell into place.

Are you still going to do some rap stuff?
Yeah. I’m right in the middle of working on an album. I’m actually going to release that song, “Hey, Momma” here pretty quickly, like within the next month, which I got a really big response. I don’t know if it’s going to be as rappy as it was before, but I’m definitely going to be doing more music. I’d love to do that as a side gig on the side. It actually does make quite a bit of money, which is pretty cool. Obviously, it’s not enough to make a living, but if I can do it as a hobby and it’s something that I love to do and it makes money, then hell yeah, I’m going to do it.

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