Aberdeenshire agency launches new course for business start ups


A new online course has been launched for new business start-ups.

Your Start Up Story (YSUS) has been designed and curated by strategic marketing expert Sofia Middleton, from Laurencekirk, who aims to help people start their business from a series of sound commercial building blocks.

It is an online five-week course that carefully and expertly guides clients through the process of starting a business.

With over 25 years of experience managing and marketing small businesses, Sofia offers expert help to clients right the way through the course.

This includes mentoring, upskilling and advising individual clients so that they receive tailored and bespoke support.

YSUS is an off-shoot to Sofia’s strategic marketing consultancy, Xtra Pair of Hands, which works with business owners on a one-to-one basis for managed growth across the marketing spectrum.

Sofia said: “Like most business owners over the last year, we have all had to change the way we work.

“Online meetings are now the norm which has opened up many more opportunities for me to work with clients, not just locally, but across Scotland.

“I feel that YSUS is a natural progression and allows me to help as many people as I can possibly can, navigate through the potentially, very daunting and sometimes lonely start-up process.”

The agency starts by taking clients through the start-up process, beginning with writing their business plan and creating meaningful business and marketing strategies.

The course, which consists of a wealth of guides, info sheets, how-to videos and workbooks, is accessed via a secure, online portal.

Each client then submits assignments back to YSUS.

Sofia drills down into each assignment within every topic, developing and expanding the initial client information so that it becomes uniquely tailored and specific to the client and their business.

Topics within the course include creating a brand story, understanding marketing and social media strategies, learning and understanding about PR, and amplifying your business online.

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