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The Certification Package for Cloud Computing Architect 2021 is available for sale.

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TL; DR: The 2021 Cloud Computing Architect Certification Package is available from February 13th for £ 21.69, saving you 98% off list price.

If you’re interested in learning the basics of cloud computing and have around 20 and 21 hours to spare, you can get started today.

With the help of this cloud computing training, led by Idan Gabrieli, you can solve latency problems and improve the entire technical processes for companies. The training covers everything from cloud computing basics to microservices to machine learning and is specifically aimed at beginners in this field. Gabrieli (B.Sc. and MBA) is an entrepreneur, cloud and AI expert and pre-sale manager with a comprehensive technical background.

In the nine courses in this collection, you will learn about the evolution of cloud technology, discover the five characteristics of cloud computing, discuss different cloud service models, and learn about cloud delivery models. From there, you can either dive into a three-part series on cloud computing with Microsoft Azure or a three-part series on machine learning. There is also a beginner’s guide to microservices architecture and an in-depth dive course on the IaaS model of cloud computing.

If this doesn’t make sense to you yet, then it’s perfectly fine. Gabrieli does a great job of walking you through the content step by step, from the absolute basics to the job.

While this cloud computing training is worth £ 1,300, you can enroll for a limited time for just £ 21.69.

Learn the basics of cloud computing with this stacked bundle

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