95% discount on Logic Pro X class (UK deal)


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The Ultimate Logic Pro X music production package is available for sale.

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TL; DR: The Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Pack will be available on February 15th for £ 20.98, saving you 95% off list price.

If Idris Elba (or DJ Big Driis) can do a two-hour set at Coachella despite his grueling acting career, so can you. You don’t even have to be crowned Sexiest Man Alive to DJ. All you need is a passion for creating music magic and a feature-rich digital audio workstation (DAW) to start working on the turntables.

Apple’s Logic Pro is the DAW of choice for the world’s highest paid DJs like Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Steve Aoki, as well as for brilliant producers like Kendrick Lamar and Chris Martin.

Do you remember when your jaw dropped watching Calvin Harris demo mixing the banger “Slide”? At the center of his production workflow was yup, you called it: Logic Pro. With the software he cut, combined and edited various audio elements. But it’s easier to see than to do. If your deal with a renowned musician making hits like it wasn’t a big deal you may feel like you can do it on your first try, but you still need expert-led guidance if you step into want to get on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Ultimate Logic Pro X music production package offers eight courses taught by Tomas George, a UK-based music producer, sound engineer and composer with over a decade of experience. The learning package will help you master creating bangers with Logic Pro X because let’s face it – it’s not a GarageBand.

The lessons include music theory basics – because every self-respecting producer should have at least a basic understanding of these concepts. You will delve deep into chord development and song analysis, and become familiar with the basics of songwriting. Then you will learn how to navigate Logic Pro X and how to mix audio, harmonize creatively, sound design and much more.

Make your way to the Coachella main stage with the Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle. It’s on sale for £ 20.98.

Master the software of some of the world's best DJs with this bundle

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