7 creative sideline activities for financially difficult times


With the pandemic resulting in layoffs, budget cuts and widespread hardship, many people’s finances have taken a blow. During turbulent financial times, I have turned to passive income streams and sideline jobs to help me stay afloat. Many creative and savvy business owners and individuals do the same. From taking on part-time jobs to starting new businesses, there are many ways to earn extra income today.

These seven sideline activities can be easily started with a computer, phone and Wi-Fi connection.

Commit to your online shop

Many people believe that they can get rich quick on passive income and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Recently, my Etsy shop reached an impressive milestone of $ 100,000 in sales. I was able to conquer this market by having a long-term commitment to my business.

For the past three years I’ve been working on my store for 5-10 minutes a day, creating new designs and adding listings. I’ve sold a variety of digital products online including yoga mats, t-shirts, and mugs. With print-on-demand technology, a seller does not need to create an inventory. You simply supply the design and choose a supplier who will help you print, package and ship the order on your behalf. Some of the suppliers I have offered a wide range of products with include Gooten, Printful, Teelaunch, and Printify.

Lean into the love of music

A new passive income stream for me is music. I taught myself how to make music by reading articles online and working with musicians on sites like Fiverr and Soundbetter.

After gaining knowledge and working on it over time, I’ve created a new source of income where I can earn royalties on my sounds on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Every month I now earn a license check for the streams of my music.

“When you coordinate with the right music library or agency,” says Wellington Lora, founder of The Cueniverse. “You can turn your music catalog into the soundtrack for the latest reality show or the hottest new Apple commercial. This can equate to a residual quarterly income of hundreds or even thousands of dollars that comes in as long as the content continues to air. “

Use strong writing skills

If you can write clearly and concisely, you can turn that skill into a means of income. Whether you’re building your own content site or freelancing for publishing, well-written content is in great demand. In the past, I have commissioned my blog posts for top publications on the internet, helping companies create high quality blog content and marketing collateral.

“Of the many sideline things I’ve experimented with over the years, blogging has been by far the most financially lucrative,” said Ryan Robinson, blogger and contributor at Fast Company. Robinson points out that certain brand sponsorships, selling his own digital products, and relationships with freelance clients help him put writing on the back burner. “I can spend time writing about topics that excite me,” shares Robinson.

Teach others

Many savvy digital enthusiasts create courses to generate extra income. Whether you are an electrician or a baker, you have the expertise to teach others.

Experts on the internet praise online courses and the ability to make money while you sleep. “If you want to start a passive income stream, the quickest way to use the knowledge that is already in your head,” says business coach Lisa Johnson. “The first thing you need to do is figure out who you want to help and then grow an audience of these people online and give them value. “

Sell ​​your expertise

Regardless of whether you make digital or tangible products, you can sell your work online.

If you’re a graphic designer, goods like graphic templates, social media banners, and more can be sold as digital downloads on sites like Creative Market. If you are a handyman there is probably a marketplace for you. Think about which of your hobbies – one that you know and that you can get to know better – can become an opportunity.

Use your space

Many homeowners are renting out their free space in order to generate additional income this year. With a large percentage of the workforce working from home, the need for rental space and safe, socially distant short breaks increases.

Sites like Airbnb and Peerspace allow both homeowners and businesses to rent out their unused space in safe conditions in accordance with local health guidelines. Sorob Louie, the founder of VirtuLabs, an experimental design company, recommends developing unique and creative experiences for your short term rental properties to increase your popularity and income. “Since the big entertainment centers are no longer the safest options to vacation, families are [want] Alternatives. Life in a farmhouse [for a big family], a princess-themed bedroom for the kids or investing in a good projector for a romantic outdoor movie night could take your residual income to another level. “

Pick up the computer design or coding

There are thousands of resources online today teaching computer programming. With a computer and a Wi-Fi connection. Almost anyone can take on the reins of a new career as a designer or software developer (myself included).

In the past I have outsourced my website building skills to both companies and individuals looking for help – and I don’t have a website development background. “Looking for an additional source of income, my husband and I combined our design and coding skills to create a website design company,” said Mariah Smith Gentry, founder of Wild Wing Studios. “We work remotely with all of our customers, so we can work from anywhere in the world and provide our customers with legendary customer service. We just started with Wi-Fi, a computer and a dream! “

Embrace your drama nerd sensitivity

Acting isn’t just for A-list stars and red carpet celebrities. Early last year I fell into an information rabbit and learned about background acting and auditioning. It turns out there are many options for newbies with little training. I recorded a number of shifts on shows where not only did you get your daily meals but also needed to be on a hit show.

If being something extra isn’t for you, try your hand at auditioning for key roles. In my free time, I browse backstage and casting networks and apply for all opportunities that are relevant to me. I’ve earned additional funding for digital and personal recordings. From commercials looking for specific types of personalities to reality TV, these opportunities can be fun and money back in your pocket.

Regardless of your financial picture, you can start working today to improve your future prospects. Think creatively and develop new acumen so that you can make money from your passions and skills.