4 young Detroit entrepreneurs launch a podcast to talk about business and finance


(WXYZ) – A group of young Detroit men start a podcast designed to help others improve their lives. Under the subjects of entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

The group is very future-oriented, enthusiastic about the city of Detroit and is expressed in their podcast “Boss Talk”.

“As entrepreneurs, we talk about both the highs and the lows on the podcast because we all made mistakes along the way,” said Marcel Sanchez Sr.

We introduced Sanchez last September as he shared his success in masonry and the benefits of learning a trade.

Now he’s immersed in podcasts with three other like-minded Detroit locals, all over 20, discussing a wide range of money-related topics, sharing their entrepreneurial activities, investment and business ideas, and financial literacy.

“One connection we all have together is that we’re real estate investors and we’re passionate about rebuilding the city of Detroit,” said Sanchez.

The group has bought a few houses and plans to repair and rent them out.

Investor Tez Williams, who also runs a detailing and TV montage business, said he became an entrepreneur because he needed variety.

“I have to make my own schedule. I just want the freedom to create something,” said Williams.

Stephan Aikens, a real estate agent, suggests removing a page from the Nike game book – “Just Do It”.

“My motivation for the podcast – it’s just because there are other people like me who want to be entrepreneurs but don’t know how and we help them,” said Aikens.

Hopefully through the podcast we will inspire more people to take the leap of faith and be real estate investors and build the community so that we can live as one and fight crimes that inspire kids to learn a profession and really do it to show off, “added Sanchez.

The podcast was officially launched last weekend. You can see the first episode by clicking here.