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Even for graduates in Ghana, employment is not guaranteed today. The influx of unemployed graduates has forced some youth to think about ways they can make money. Entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, but there is nothing wrong with taking the risk. To be a successful entrepreneur one has to study people’s needs and think about profitable business ideas in Ghana.

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Many profitable, low-investment business ideas only require your time and dedication. As an unemployed youth, nobody expects you to have millions of dollars. You need to think of a company that won’t force you to borrow large amounts of credit and debt before you get established.

Top 15 profitable business ideas in Ghana

To learn how to run a business, you can find a mentor and ask how they started their own business. You can also enroll in a master class to learn how to manage the business you want to start. Here are some of the best business ideas:

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1. Taxi business

The taxi business always makes money as people never stop moving. You can be sure to get customers from point A to point B during the week and even on weekends. Thanks to the technology, apps like Uber and Bolt have made it easier to register as a taxi driver.

All you need is a little capital invested in buying a car or even renting one and you are good to go. The best part about using these apps is that they can help you improve your rating as a driver. The higher your rating, the more people want to use your vehicle.

2. Catering services

Do you trust your skills in the kitchen? Do you like to cook for people? If your answer is yes, then you must be in the catering business. Ghanaians enjoy great food and a well-prepared meal at home by an experienced chef is the best

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This is one of the companies that need the least capital because you can start with the cutlery you already own. When preparing your delicious meal, remember to also make the packaging attractive. Your food should taste as good as it looks.

3. Poultry farming

Profitable business ideas in Ghana

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Chicken and any other type of poultry farming require little effort. With the way Ghanaians enjoy their meat, you are sure to make good money raising poultry. There is always a party that needs the meat.

Eggs are also a favorite among Ghanaians. The best thing about this type of farming is that you don’t need a lot of money or chicken to get started. You can sell the meat, eggs, or even the chicks.

4. Home tutoring

This may not be a popular or even a common business, but home tutoring can make you serious money if you love books and can teach well. Subjects like math and science are often difficult for many students. If you enjoy these topics, speak to each parent who has school children and come up with your idea.

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You can even start your home tutoring service if you have a good number of students. Some subjects are too technical, so you can come up with a price list that puts more weight on the difficult subjects than subjects that are considered easy.

5. Fish farming

Everyone loves to eat fish. Many Ghanaians enjoy quality fish in their meals. Fish farming seems to take a lot of energy, but the opposite is true. With little space and a pond, you can start your business with little money in your savings.

Things to consider include a good location for your farm and a good source of water. Your finger cots should also be healthy. Decide on the type of fish to keep before making a purchase. Tilapia fish is a great choice for beginners.

6. Photography

Profitable business ideas in Ghana

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Social media made everyone crazy about photos. With a quality camera, you can kill by simply taking photos. Also, be creative when taking photos and make everything exciting.

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Ghanaians are not afraid to spend money on things that upset them. Create your catalog online and soon you will become someone’s personal photographer. Snap great photos where there are parties or other celebrations and your work will get you to dozens of clients in no time.

7. Frozen store

This type of business is becoming increasingly popular in Ghana. In a frozen food store, all types of food are frozen and later sold to people looking for an easy way out when preparing meals. Get to know your market and get the foods that you think people will buy the most.

Beans and other grains are common as they take a while to cook before they are cooked. You can also sell different types of meat and other things. You can operate your frozen food store both online and offline.

8. Day care centers

Take a look around and you will notice mothers who are always looking for babysitters as they go about their business. Starting a daycare center is a great business idea because all you need is a nice room that kids can sleep in comfortably. You must also love children and know how to take care of them.

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The main supplies you may need are toys, cleaning supplies, and comfortable chairs. The place where your daycare is located should also always be tidy as it is easy for children to get infections.

9. Microcredit business

This may require an insane amount of capital, but there is no harm in trying. Many Ghanaian companies keep borrowing to run their businesses and make investments. Some small and medium-sized businesses do not have easy access to bank credit, and this is where your micro-credit business comes in.

This business may seem risky and above all else needs a background in finance and accounting. You should also perform due diligence on all individuals before giving them access to your money.

10. Event planning

Profitable business ideas in Ghana

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Event planning is an exciting endeavor that will never go broke. You might start off with a little challenge, but once you are on your feet you will be one of the richest entrepreneurs in your area. There’s always a birthday somewhere, a baby shower, a graduation party, and all kinds of celebrations that happen all year round.

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Learn a few things about planning and make your events unique. The better you design your events, the more customer recommendations you will receive.

11. Heliculture (snail farming)

Snails may not be loved by everyone, but keeping them for business is profitable. They require little space to keep edible land snails, mostly for human consumption or cosmetic purposes. It takes 6 to 16 months for a snail to mature.

As with fish farming, in order to keep and select the best food for them, you need to decide on the species of snail. In order for your snails to grow well, make sure that your soil has enough calcium for the snail shells.

12. Scrap metal recycling plant

Go on any street and you will see how much scrap metals are just exposed. A scrap metal recycling facility is a profitable business as some companies are always looking for these metals. All you need is a small area to collect your metals before selecting and sorting them.

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You can collect anything from aluminum cans, rims, copper, and coolers from air conditioners. The raw materials you produce can be used in various industries. Scrap recycling plant, like any manufacturing company in Ghana, can make good money.

13. Dry cleaning

Washing clothes can be a chore for busy people and that is why it is a lucrative business in Ghana. With an affordable chemical cleaner around, many people bring their dirty laundry to clean every week. The dry cleaning business is picking up speed in Ghana and making entrepreneurs rich.

14. Driving school

Driving schools are never run for business because people always want to learn how to drive. Given the nature of this business, the registration process and logistics can be overwhelming for a young entrepreneur. You will need to register your company and obtain certain certificates from the relevant government agencies.

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Once you are registered, you can introduce classes for different vehicles. Companies are always looking for drivers and people are always looking for vehicles. You can count on a steady stream of customers when your driving school offers the best lessons. It is better if you are an experienced driver yourself before starting this business.

15. Make-up business

Profitable business ideas in Ghana

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Makeup is one of the most rewarding small business ideas in Ghana. Women regularly want to look glamorous and cute when going out. Many women do their own makeup, although some of them are not professionals.

As a makeup artist, you can partner with salons and other beauty spots to offer your makeup services across the city. You can also do home visits for your customers. Learning how to be a good makeup artist isn’t difficult as there are resources like YouTube that can help you perfect your skills.

Small business opportunities in Ghana

As a budding entrepreneur, you are advised to be solution-oriented. Take every challenge as a learning opportunity and expand your knowledge in your field. There are several profitable business ideas in Ghana where young unemployed youth have built their small businesses into empires.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be used as a basis for decisions of any kind. Any actions you take with respect to the information contained in this article are done entirely at your own risk and responsibility!

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