15 Brand Ambassador Tools for Your Next Brand Ambassador Program

15 Brand Ambassador Tools for Your Next Brand Ambassador Program

All successful brands recognise the importance of brand advocates/ambassadors and leverage them to their advantage. After all, these are the people who are genuinely interested in your brand and willing to talk positively about it openly.

So, if you’re not yet leveraging the power of brand ambassadors, then you are missing out on a big marketing opportunity. However, it’s not easy to identify and enrol customers, followers, or any other individual in a brand ambassador program. And even if you manage to do that, it takes a lot of work to manage an ambassador network and keep them motivated to continue. That’s where brand ambassador program management software and tools can help you.

Here’s a list of 15 of the best brand ambassador software solutions and tools that you can use to run successful brand advocacy programs.

15 Brand Ambassador Software Solutions and Tools:


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Referral Factory

As its name suggests, Referral Factory is referral marketing software designed to make managing referral programs simple. Referral Factory includes all you need. You can invite referrers, manage each relationship, promote your programs like a pro, and much more.

Campaigns are how you’ll grow your referral program. They start with the creation of a landing page. You can set up a campaign using one of more than 1000 templates. Referral Factory provides you with a landing page builder to customize the look and feel of your associated landing page. You can view who’s joined your program and all relevant data relating to their activity in your referral program. 

Other features of Referral Factory include inviting referrers, user notifications, social sharing, remarketing scripts, user verification, and fraud alerts. It comes with native integrations with HubSpot, Intercom, and Salesforce, as well as a collection of Zapier Zaps.

Plans start at $95/mo for the Starter plan. This has all you’ll need to launch your first referral marketing program. For more flexibility and the option to exercise greater control, look at the Basic ($200/mo) and Pro ($300/mo) plans.


Brandbassador provides a platform where you can build a community of your loyal customers, followers, and fans to create social buzz around your brand. Use ambassadors to generate content, brand awareness, and drive sales. They particularly target fast-growing eCommerce brands.

You can manage and engage your global community of ambassadors, invite anyone to apply to become your ambassador, then review and approve those with whom you want to work. Your ambassadors complete missions (tasks you set) through a gamified app in return for cash, gift cards, or free products.  Ambassadors can withdraw their earnings directly in the app, so you don’t have to worry about making payments or arranging product delivery. You can manage thousands of ambassadors and track your progress, engagement, and revenue in real-time.

Brandbassador’s platform acts as a single place to manage all your ambassador community data, activities, and communication. You can create a custom branded signup page and activate your existing customers and fans. 

You can create mini-marketing campaigns for your ambassadors using the Mission Maker. You can optimize your campaign performance towards brand building and sales and track revenue through discount codes directly within the platform.

Plans and pricing information are available on request.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, E-commerce Tools, Product/Gifting Tools, Payment Processing,


This is a brilliant tool to create and run successful referral campaigns and promote them on social media. You can use it to create a detailed points-based referral and rewards program that you can ask your brand ambassadors to enrol in.

One of the most interesting features of this tool is that you can create hashtag campaigns for which you create a specific hashtag and track it. You can track the usage of that hashtag by your brand ambassadors and reward them for it.

You can also ask your brand ambassadors to share your content on social media and use this tool to track those shares and reward your ambassadors.

Another great feature of this tool is that you can manage and track all of your brand ambassadors from a single platform. This makes it a lot easier to execute a brand ambassador program than it would be to do so manually.

The basic plan for this tool costs 1000$ per month and can help you manage up to 500 brand ambassadors. You can also avail a 14-day free trial before deciding whether to buy a plan or not.

Key Features: Influencer Relationship Management, Team Collaboration Tools, Content Review, Campaign Management, White Label Reporting, Payment Processing, Influencer Content Amplification, Ecommerce Tools,

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


EveryoneSocial focuses on working with your employees to make them brand ambassadors. It includes a range of simple, powerful tools, making it easy for employees to share relevant posts to promote your company. They can use the tool to share text, links, photos, and videos. Like a good social media management platform, you can use EveryoneSocial’s scheduler to queue up content and even send content to email recipients as well. It helps you optimize your message for engagement.

The platform keeps all your company content in one place, including important company news, content created by colleagues, and social posts from your brand. You can set up employee resource groups. 

Of course, there is little point in having employees as brand ambassadors if you don’t keep track of how their posts perform. EveryoneSocial gives you a comprehensive picture of your program. You can track everything your people are sharing and measure every click, engagement, and visit. You can easily tie everything back to core business KPIs.

EveryoneSocial integrates with your existing tech stack, including your CRM, HRM, Web Analytics, Content Management, Marketing Automation, SSO, Communications, and more.


This is an all-in-one brand ambassadors management platform that can help you manage all aspects of your program.

You can first start by identifying people who could be converted into brand ambassadors. They could be your loyal customers, employees, influencers, or even affiliates. Then the tool helps you enrol those potential ambassadors into a highly-targeted referral program.

Next, it also helps you track and manage all of your brand ambassadors from a single platform. Moreover, it also lets you measure the performance of your ambassador program by tracking key metrics. This helps you understand what’s working well and what’s not so that you can keep improving your strategy and your program.

Finally, you can use the tool to reward your brand ambassadors by offering them incentives. This tool can help you keep track of all incentives and can help you manage the reward distribution process efficiently. This is done by automating the process so that you don’t have to keep track of things manually.

To conclude, this is an end-to-end solution if you want to start and execute a brand ambassador program from scratch.

Plans and pricing information are available on request.


Refersion is an affiliate marketing network that has expanded its services to include other types of people with whom you can work to sell and market your products. 

It has a strong eCommerce focus, with apps that make things straightforward for firms with eCommerce stores built on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Stripe, and Chargebee. 

You can use Refersion to keep track of affiliates and influencers who act as brand ambassadors on your behalf. If you don’t already have affiliates and influencers, Refersion integrates well with Upfluence, #paid, and Cohley, which you can use to find suitable people.

You can use Refersion’s marketplace to set up “offers,” where you publish your proposed campaigns. The tool is very flexible and doesn’t lock you into a one-size-fits-all approach. Refersion can even track whether your affiliates/influencers/ambassadors meet specified requirements of your offer. It refers to any sales that don’t meet these requirements as being unqualified.

Refersion lets you set up payment incentives in many different ways. These range from non-monetary rewards, through flat-rate commissions, to detailed performance-based commission structures.

Plans begin at $89/mo for the Professional plan. This targets businesses that are growing and require complex tracking options and royalty deals to expand their network. Alternatively, you could opt for the Enterprise plan, which is best for businesses that need customized tracking and functionality to support large partner channels and referral networks. Contact Refersion for pricing on the Enterprise plan.


BrandChamp provides an engaging and gamified brand ambassador management portal where you can manage all of your ambassadors.

You can create a community of brand ambassadors and create simple challenges and tasks for them to do. Once they complete each task, they get rewards for it. Using gamification, this platform incentivises ambassadors to be your brand advocates and promote your brand. You can also provide them with unique coupons and discounts that they can use to drive more conversions.

You can also track all ambassador activities and monitor the performance of each individual as well as the whole program. And, the rewards and incentives are automatically delivered as monthly statements to each ambassador.

What’s more, is that you don’t need to worry about software development or hosting. You can simply start using it and start your brand ambassador program within hours.

The prices for each plan are available on request. The starter plan allows up to 150 members.

Influitive’s AdvocateHubInfluitive’s AdvocateHub

This engagement and brand advocacy software lets you create on-demand brand advocates.

This software helps you design a series of customised challenges for each ambassador in a gamified manner. Each individual will have a unique journey during which they will complete unique challenges to reach the next level. And, the rewards will be higher for more difficult challenges.

This software doesn’t just help you run a brand ambassador program but also helps you form long-term relationships with your customers. You can provide them with exclusive perks, rewards, and content to make them feel special and encourage them to advocate for your brand.

The best thing about this software is that it focusses on building a community rather than simply running a marketing campaign. This is a win-win situation for both the brand and brand ambassadors.

Moreover, it can integrate with your CRM, marketing automation, and social media platforms to provide performance analytics. So, you can easily measure the impact of your brand ambassador program and optimise it.

Plans and pricing information are available on request. A free trial option is also available.

Hootsuite AmplifyHootsuite Amplify

Unlike most other tools and software on this list, Hootsuite Amplify focuses solely on employee advocacy. It helps you maximise the reach of your employee advocacy program and turn your employees into your brand ambassadors.

You can leverage the collective social media influence of your employees to market your brand across various social media platforms.

You can use this tool to easily manage all of your employee advocacy activities as well as help them stay connected and informed. You can provide them with engaging content that they can share from their respective social media accounts.

Brand AmbassadorBrand Ambassador

This useful tool helps you turn your fans, customers, and influencers into brand ambassadors. You can use it to add new brand ambassadors to your program or manage existing ones. You can do that by forming an online community of ambassadors where they can interact with your brand and create content for you. And each activity that they perform to enhance your social reach and brand visibility can be rewarded with incentives.

It also helps you track and measure the performance of your brand ambassador program. You can also get individual activity reports for each ambassador to measure their individual performances as well.

Plans and pricing information are available on request.


This is another all-in-one brand ambassador management solution that helps you with end-to-end program management. Starting from identifying and recruiting brand ambassadors to tracking and measuring their impact, this tool does it all.

It provides you with insights into your audience and their levels of engagement with your brand to help you find the right candidates to convert into brand ambassadors. It then helps you with your outreach program, so that you can connect with them and recruit them. Moreover, you can also use this tool to train and onboard your ambassadors and provide them with the resources to succeed in their brand advocacy initiatives.

This tool also has a built-in analytics feature that lets you keep track of all ambassador activities. Moreover, you can also keep track of the incentives and rewards that are to be given to each ambassador.

The prices for each plan are available on request.


Zuberance is a tool that helps you form your network of brand ambassadors, keep them engaged, and leverage them to your advantage. This is a multi-functional tool that helps you manage various aspects of your brand ambassador program.

The first and most important part of an ambassador program is identifying people who could be converted into brand advocates. And, Zuberance helps you do that with social listening, surveys, and even direct outreach.

It then helps you form an online community of brand ambassadors where you can interact with them and manage all communications from one place. You can provide them with resources to help them with brand advocacy and reward them for their efforts.

Customer reviews, referrals, and stories are just some of the tools that you can equip them with to advocate your brand. And, you can also manage rewards and incentives from the same platform.

And lastly, it also helps you track all of these ambassador activities and their impact. It provides you with custom reports and insights into your program’s performance.

Plans and pricing information are available on request.

Referral RockReferral Rock

Referral Rock helps you increase qualified leads by taking control of your referral marketing. You can use the platform to create programs that feature word of mouth as a channel. 

The platform allows you to fully customize your referral program. You can build the referral program directly into your customer interactions and marketing channels to provide a seamless experience.

Most importantly, you can create a great experience, so your customers and brand advocates want to participate and engage. It includes a dedicated advocate portal to easily share and track results. You can even create pre-drafted messaging to make sharing easy and on-brand. Referral Rock creates personalized advocate codes and unique links.

Referral Rock helps you access all the marketing information and data you need to run reports and optimize your referral program. You can track the success of different campaigns and channels to see what’s most effective.

 Prices start with the Starter plan for $200/mo that allows you to set up a single program with up to 10.000 members.


SocialToaster offers a mix of content marketing and fan advocacy tools that make engaging your employees, followers, customers, alumni, guests, or others a breeze. Its custom fan engagement platform allows brands, organizations, and companies to directly communicate with their biggest fans, empowering them to act as word-of-mouth ambassadors. It matches marketing content to your ambassadors’ content sharing habits and automatically sends it to their inbox or phone, where they can view and share it with the click of a button.

You can reach and engage fans through content messages, social media campaigns, user-generated content, contests, social gamification, and more.

SocialToaster offers customized solutions to fit your unique industry needs in retail, apparel, fashion & beauty, entertainment properties, food & beverage, consumer products, and others.

Prices start with the $350/mo Bronze plan. This allows for 200 users and 3 admins. The Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans cater to larger programs and offer more features.

Social SeederSocial Seeder

Social Seeder focuses on employee advocacy; however, you can also use the platform for wider brand advocacy and ambassador marketing purposes. They recognize that 92% of customers seek social recommendations before buying, and brand advocacy has become a powerful part of your marketing strategy.

Social Seeder provides a one-click-and-share platform to make it easy and convenient for your salespeople to share content. You stay in charge of the look and feel of the content and track campaigns, learning which content performs better. The platform allows you to measure ROI by tracking URLs easily and find out which campaigns drive more sales. You can easily monitor your ambassadors’ efforts: learn who shares, see the number of clicks generated, and measure engagement.

Plans and pricing information are available on request.


Running a brand ambassador program is a good way to turn your loyal customers and employees into brand advocates. And, we all know that brand advocacy is one of the most effective types of marketing because people trust other people more than they trust brand communications.

These are 15 of the best tools in the market that can help you create and run a successful brand ambassador program. Use these tools to create and mobilise your army of brand ambassadors and take your marketing to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are brand ambassadors important?

Brand ambassadors are the people who are genuinely interested in your brand. They are also willing to talk openly about your brand in a positive way. So, working with a brand ambassador is a huge marketing opportunity. It is also one of the most effective types of marketing as people trust other people more than the brand’s own communication.

How can you create a successful brand ambassador program?

There are different brand ambassador tools that you can use to create and run a successful brand ambassador program. These include: EveryoneSocial, Ambassador, CrewFire, BrandChamp, Influitive AdvocateHub, Hootsuite Amplify, Brand Ambassador, Mobilize, and Zuberance. These tools offer a wide range of features to help you mobilize your brand ambassadors.

Is CrewFire good?

CrewFire is an excellent tool for creating and running referral campaigns. One of its most interesting features is that you can use it to create hashtag campaigns. You can then also create a specific hashtag and track the usage of those hashtags by your brand ambassadors to reward them. You can also use it to manage and track all your brand ambassadors via one platform. Thanks to this feature, it is a lot simpler to implement a brand ambassador program.

How much does brand ambassador management solutions cost?

The pricing varies a lot. Also, as many brand ambassador management solutions only make their plans and pricing information available on request, it is best to contact the solution that you are interested in directly. For example, Brand Ambassador’s plans start at $499 per month, while Mobilize’s starter plan costs $799 per month.

Is BrandChamp good?

BrandChamp is one of the top brand ambassador management solutions. What makes it unique is that it offers an engaging and gamified brand ambassador management portal. It lets you create a community of brand ambassadors. You can then assign simple challenges and tasks for them to do. After they have completed each task, they will get a reward for it. With the help of their gamification feature, you can incentivise people to be your brand advocates and promote your brand effectively.

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