10 times the shows had unexpected crossovers


Bob’s Burgers and Archer share many similarities that have cemented the legacy and popularity of both shows with their fans. These similarities have also encouraged fans of one show to become fans of the other, and vice versa. The most obvious resemblance is the male protagonist’s voice in both shows, voiced by the same actor, H. Jon Benjamin. Audiences have long advised that Benjamin’s distinct voices cannot be masked or altered, creating an automatic crossover between Sterling Archer and Bob Belcher.

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Over the years, the two shows have shared many crossovers as their creators, writers and actors recognize the dynamic common background between the two shows.

10 Archer marries Linda

Archer Bob's Burger Crossover cut off

Archer begins season four with a surprise for fans of both shows. Archer, unable to handle his mother leaving him for another man, has run away from home. He ends up in Wander Wharf with total amnesia and is married to Linda Belcher. Where’s bob? Why did Linda marry another man? Archer is referring to the kids being his stepchildren, so Bob is definitely not an Archer, although they may be voiced by the same narrator, H. Jon Benjamin.

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Archer is about to leave his new family, leaving many questions about the world of Bob’s Burgers unanswered. Perhaps Archer married a Linda from a parallel universe, which would also explain his coma dream ball. John Roberts voicing Linda repeats his role in this crossover.

9 Cyril is Bob’s best friend

Cyril Warren Fitzgerald Archer Bob's Burger

Bob has always claimed that Warren Fitzgerald is his best friend, even though he very rarely sees or speaks to Warren. His family believe that Teddy is actually Bob’s best friend, but Bob rejects the idea. Warren comes to Bob and the family discovers that Warren is now a millionaire. Bob originally thought Warren was the cool guy on their crew, but Warren thinks Bob was the cool guy. The argument is mute as the two were essentially the only members of their crew, minus the exchange student who couldn’t speak English. Warren is voiced by Chris Parnell who voids Cyril on Archer.

8th Gene is Cheryl’s twin sister

Gene and Cheryl and Gene Archer and Bob's Burger

Millionaire Cheryl Tunt has a twin brother, Cecil, whom she loathes with all her heart. Cecil has always been afraid of Cheryl since childhood because Cheryl was out of control. If their parents die in a car accident, the twins inherit a billion-dollar fortune shared equally. Cecil donates all of his money to projects aimed at a better earth. (Interestingly, his Sealab project cruises Captain Murphy of Sealab 2021, also created by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson.)

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Cecil is voiced by Eugene Mirman, who also voiced Gene Belcher. Cecil looks like Gene too, and has the same laid-back attitude of Gene.

7th Gene and Louise are out in Archer

Gene and Tina Cecil and Tiffy Bob's Burger and Archer

Gene and Louise, a famous brother-sister duo, are close friends and close siblings. They go everywhere together, do everything together and take care of each other. However, in the two-part episode of the fourth season entitled “Sea Tunt”, Cecil is with Tiffy. The two lovers voiced by Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal also speak Gene and Louise. This is perhaps one of the strangest / scariest crossovers for fans of the show who are used to having both voices interact as siblings on screen rather than calling each other “sweetheart”.

6 Len Trexler kidnaps the Belcher

Len Trexler Captain Flarty Archer Bob's Burger

Len Trexler, head of the much better spy agency ODIN, is also Malory Archer’s former lover. Still in love with Malory, he offers to both buy out her company and marry her so he can look after her. This is a recall to Jeffrey Tambor (voice of Trexler) who plays George, who is married to Lucille Bluth and is played by Jessica Walter (voice of Malory) on Arrested Development. Tambor also speaks to Captain Flarty about the Bob’s Burgers episode “Mutiny On The Windbreaker” when he kidnapped the Belchers so that Bob could keep making them his delicious burgers.

5 Captain Murphy is a speaking toilet

Captain Murphy The OT outside of Archer Bob's Burgers

When the crew reached the Sealab, they found Captain Murphy alone in the entire laboratory. This is an inside joke from Thompson and Reed who always ended every episode of Sealab 2021 with the death of the entire crew to Captain Murphy. The wacky Captain Murphy is voiced by John Hamm, who takes on a tone of agitation when he addresses the ISIS crew. That same year, Hamm pronounced a cool and quiet automated toilet in Bob’s Burgers.

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The stolen toilet falls off a truck and is discovered by Gene, who takes care of it like it was his baby. Eugene Mirman (Gene) would play John Hamm (Captain Murphy’s) boss on Sea Tunt.

4th Detective Diedrich teaches stuntman boot camp at Wonder Wharf

Detective Diedrich and Darnell Archers and Bob's Burgers

Detective Diedrich is incompetent and stupid, and shares similarities with Darnell, a similarly incompetent and stupid stuntman bootcamp instructor. Detective Diedrich appears in the seventh season of Archer, a season that was an ode to the film noir film genre. Instead of using the knowledgeable detective to solve the case, Thompson and Reed use mundane detectives who seem to overlook any lead presented to them and arrest the wrong people. Likewise, Darnell’s Wonder Wharf stuntman bootcamp doesn’t burn any calories as it promises. Instead, its customers are only seriously physically injured, e.g. B. set on fire or jumped through glass. Both characters are voiced by Keegan Michael-Key.

3 Jairo bullied archer

Jairo and Trent Whitney Bob's Burger and Archer

Jairo is a hot, sexy idiot, according to Tina Belcher. Brazilian Jairo (voiced by Jon Glaser) bullies Bob in his first introduction to Bob’s Burgers in season one. He uses his sexy ponytail to whip Bob while kicking Bob. This confuses Bob, who falls on his bum accidentally making himself dirty. On Archer, Glaser repeats the role of a tyrant as hedge fund owner Trent Whitney, who severely bullied Archer in high school, including peeing in a toilet and forcing Archer’s head in the toilet. Glaser H. harassed Jon Benjamin in both shows.

2 Archer was in a shoot out with marbles

Randy and Marbles from Archer and Bob's Burgers

Ray Gillette’s brother Randy appears in an episode of Archer after Randy needs help from the local police in order to take Randy’s pot farm away from him. Archer follows him to help, which results in Ray and Archer shooting with the police. Jack McBrayer, who speaks Randy, also speaks the LGBTQ + character Marbles in Bob’s Burgers. Marbles, a transgender sex worker, befriends Bob when Bob takes on a side appearance as a taxi driver.

1 The Prince of Persuasia is an assassin

Prince Of Persuasia and Patrick Crash McCaren

The local grifter, the Prince of Persuasia, is a pick-up artist who used Dr. Yap teaches how to bond with a woman. The scammer locally known as “The Deuce” has made many videos on how to achieve long-term goals through short-term lies. It is voiced by Rob Huebel, who also voiced Patrick “Crash” McCaren, a Canadian assassin wanted dead by the CIA.

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