10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know Happened Between The Witcher 2 and 3


The Witcher saga has always been very traditional compared to most other fantasy worlds, and the games only add to the confusion of fans. Each new game adds tons of new developments to the story that are easy to get lost in. The Witcher 3, for example, lasts six months after the events of The Witcher 2 ended. During this time, countless crazy things have happened that have drastically changed the state of the game world.

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So it is understandable why players are disoriented or confused, even if they are from the 2nd game. Suddenly there is no more Temeria and Geralt is already chasing another woman. While the game does a decent job of letting players know what happened between The Witcher 2 and 3, they left out some of the more intense or noteworthy things. So please allow us to point this out in case Geralt’s amnesia rubs off on you.

10 Geralt is confirmed

Geralt is preparing to fight some thugs in Novigrad in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt was hardly a sorcerer in the second game. He initially acted as the personal bodyguard for King Foltest and then failed on his side appearance because Letho had cut the king’s throat. Geralt immediately became the prime suspect, and spent the entire game escaping the law or clearing his name.

It wasn’t until the end of the second game that Geralt managed to successfully stop or confront Letho. After that, the game stopped delivering a major epilogue. Given that The Witcher 3 civilians no longer refer to Geralt as a regicide, word of his justification seems to have spread quickly and he was able to become a witcher again without worry.

9 Geralt gets a permanent horse

The Witcher 3 Roach

Not only did Geralt become a full-time wizard in the third game, he also got a permanent mount that he bluntly calls Roach. It is worth noting that he has no drive in the first and second games due to technical limitations.

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Now that The Witcher 3 ran on newer technology, Geralt is finally able to be canonically more accurate to his bookmate. During this six-month hiatus, he was likely to be able to get a horse out of Kaer Morhen’s stable at some point.

8th Dandelions are getting serious

It’s not just Geralt who made his lifestyle better, it’s also one of his best friends, Löwenzahn / Jaskier. In the books and even in the first and second games, Dandelion was a wandering womanizer who couldn’t settle down with a woman or in one place.

In the third game, however, he seems to have matured a bit and got his own property in Novigrad of all places. In addition, dandelions developed some real romantic feelings for a bard named Priscilla. This is news for someone in Geralt’s tumultuous social circle.

7th Skellige falls into an uproar

Now to geopolitical situations. Skellige wasn’t exactly in his best shape or stability when The Witcher 3 came. Before the events of the third game, a giant in Undvik devastated an entire island in Ard Skellige, practically wiping out the Tordarroch clan.

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In addition, King Bran Tuirseach was already feeling the debilitating effects of aging that by the age of 80 he was no longer a functioning sovereign. Therefore, King Bran committed suicide by letting wild animals kill him. That is why Geralt happened at his rather dramatic funeral when he arrived in Skellige.

6 Nilfgaard’s all-encompassing invasion

The invasion of Nilfgaard, by far the most important political event that took place from The Witcher 2 through 3, changed the landscape of the continent quite dramatically. In the first two Witcher games, the lack of war made the atmosphere a little brighter.

Now, with Nilfgaard’s invasion, many small nations have been consumed or subjugated. It was not just a regional quarrel between nobles, but a world war started by Emhyr var Emreis. It wasn’t the first time Nilfgaard went to war against most of the continent, but it was one of the largest invasions in the country.

5 Temeria Falls

Thanks to Nilfgaard’s machinations and brute force, he managed to overcome one of the greatest hurdles in the invasion north: Temeria. Temeria was unfortunately no longer present in The Witcher 3. It was one of the newest kingdoms that fell just before the third game started.

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Survival reports recall that the Nilfgaard army captured Temeria in just a few days. However, Temeria’s defeat began earlier when Foltest was assassinated. Needless to say, Temeria’s fall was daunting for long-time fans from the first game, given that the land served as the main location in The Witcher.

4th Radovid is going crazy

While Temeria lost his identity after Foltest’s death, Redania’s king also went mad because of paranoia. Radovid was supposed to be assassinated towards the end of the second game, but that failed and the regicide conspiracy turned out to be a scheme partly invented by the Lodge.

Therefore, Radovid understandably went insane and became suspicious of any ally who was capable of magic. Therefore, he initiated the witch hunts and even formed a special army against magic users who fell victim not only to their target scapegoats, but also to regular citizens and ultimately non-humans.

3 Redania Backstabs Kaedwen

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Not only did Radovid betray all of the innocent magic users in Redania, but he grew tired of his own ally, Kaedwen. Kaedwen sought assistance in military and political affairs after experiencing some difficulties of his own when Nilfgaard started taking flags.

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Instead of helping Kaedwen and possibly weakening Redania’s defenses, Radovid opted to invade Kaedwen instead. That way he had more territory and only had to fight on one major front instead of two. It’s brilliant, but cold and dishonorable.

2 Yennefer Barters A deal with Emhyr

Yennefer apparently woke up some time after Geralt and regained her memories, but was in Nilfgaard’s hands. Unlike Geralt, who would spend a lot of time running around or sleeping around trying to regain his memories, Yennefer immediately got down to business and sought help finding Ciri.

She asked none other than Emhyr var Emreis, but she promised something in return. It’s not exactly clear what the deal was about other than Ciri or Sorceresses, but it had an impact that would ultimately have had an impact on the lodge.

1 Geralt splits with Triss

geralt and triss

Surprisingly, the game never really touched on what happened to Triss and Geralt’s relationship until the two met in Novigrad. This left many players either confused or sad, especially Triss fans.

According to their dialogue, they had to end their relationship with Geralt, which likely indicated the breakup after they regained his memories. This likely happened shortly after The Witcher 2 ended, which gave both Geralt and Triss plenty of time to move on, but surprisingly, the latter didn’t.

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